Black Horses is now a 4 members band.
After many tracks by Stefano, Walter & Dino, George is now totally involved in this new sound adventure!
You can listen to new tracks like Globe meditation and discover many other ones. Sometimes tracks don’t involve all 4 members.
Composing a new track, we all agree when a track is good as it is or not.






Stefano Travaglini
bass – guitar – keyboards
Walter M. (SpiresVortex)
guitar – keyboards – mix
Dino Pulcini
drums – keyboards – mix
Giorgio Leonelli
keyboards – guitar


Stefano Travaglini
An experienced bassist and guitarist, founder in the past of some bands:
Allison flame, Interzona, Ipnotica, publishing their CDs and performing live.

Walter M. (SpiresVortex)
Plays guitar since ever but: “I’m not a professional musician, that’s how I like to be”.
A new era began publishing his own tracks online.

Dino Pulcini
A professional drummer playing with live bands of different genres,
experienced in mixing his tracks.

Giorgio Leonelli
All I can say about George is: he is a great composer! And a good guitarist too!

BH began composing together the original tracks for a documentary – film
by Adriano Chiarelli “Nei secoli fedele: il caso di Giuseppe Uva”


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your music… simply put…. is absolutely amazing! I love the direction you are going with collaborating individual ideas. I have similar thoughts. Keeps it ever evolving right? Keep doing what you are doing because it is beautiful!

    • Tnx very much! And yes! We must keep going on with our inspiration, though difficult at times. ‘hope you’ll like some future tracks we are composing just now.

  2. Enjoyed your music over coffee and poetry this morning. Brought me back to a road trip I recently took. Thanks for the inspiration guys! Loving your music. =)

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